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I’m Will Gibbons

I’m a product visualization specialist. Not sure what that is? I wrote about that here. While earning a degree in industrial design I became a minimalist, so I pursued a career in creating digital media rather than designing physical products. I believe in having a strong locus of control and that hard work pays off. My career has taken me from Michigan to California to Pennsylvania to New York and back to Southern California where I live now.

Some milestones:

2016 – I became a Global Training Specialist at Luxion, the makers of KeyShot. Teaching design teams across the world (Apple, Bose, Dell, McLaren, P&G, Spin Master, Tesla) how to make product renderings is where I built a passion for CGI.

2019 – I left Luxion and hung out my shingle offering product rendering and animation services to companies like 3M, Novation, Peloton, TTI, Vizio and Whipsaw.

2021 – I retired from freelancing to focus on teaching people who, like me, need to feel creative and inspired to lead a fulfilling career. 

My Mission:

Throughout my decade-long career, I’ve felt the most fulfilled teaching others. I love learning about art, design, technology and business. After combining these interests and honing my skills, I’ve been able to earn a living doing something I enjoy on my own terms. My mission is to help you earn a living doing what you love, on your terms.


Can we hire you to make renderings or animations for us?
I’m not taking on any new freelance clients right now.

Do you know anyone else who we can hire for rendering or animation work?
Yes, go ahead and fill out this form and I’ll try to find someone who can help you out.

I hear you have a private discord server, can I get an invite?
Sure thing, here you go: Join the RenderFam discord

What are your computer specs?
I wrote an article and made a video about that here.

How can I contact you?

My Story:

If you’re into backstories and such, then the video below will give you a pretty clear idea of how and why I ended up where I am now.

My Story: How I Became a Self-Employed Render Artist

Sample Portfolio Projects

Below you’ll find a collection of personal and client work. I’m a product designer by trade, but focused on using CGI to create promotional product launch media such as renderings and cinematic product animations.

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