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Novation Circuit Tracks Animation

Last Updated: May 3, 2021 • 3 min read

Circuit Tracks

Circuit Tracks is an extraordinary standalone groovebox for the modern producer. With two refined polyphonic digital synth tracks, four drum tracks, creative FX and on-the-go capabilities, it’s the perfect hands-on device for the agile music maker.

Client: Novation

Novation is one of Focusrite’s family of brands that develops and markets proprietary hardware products. Used by audio professionals and amateur musicians alike, its solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound.

Novation teamed up with me to create a cinematic launch video and other media to unveil Circuit Tracks, a standalone groovebox. Needless to say, I was excited.

Circuit Tracks - Introduction // Novation

Circuit Tracks

The goal of the video I produced announces the arrival of Circuit Tracks, a standalone, mobile groovebox geared to the producer who loves a good synth sound.


Musicians take what they do quite seriously and can sniff out a poseur from a mile away. Hence we wanted to make sure this video captured the attention of the right audience. Tracks is for the producer who stays up all hours of the night, digs the synth-soaked nostalgic vibes of retro music but stays grounded in the modern sound of electronic music.


I wanted to create two unique sets for the viewer. So I started with Circuit Tracks on a concrete plinth with dramatic, yet natural lighting. When Tracks is floating, the lighting becomes very blue, giving off midnight club vibes. This represents where the creator is in his or her head when producing beats, but also performing. Moreover, the animation concludes with Tracks back on a desk. This returns the viewer to reality. Finally, it helps them imagine using the product in his or her own setup.

Research & Development

I try to learn something new or use a new technique on every project I do. So in this project, I dove deeper into DaVinci Resolve and Fusion Studio for some more advanced compositing, tracking and motion graphics with the text callouts. For those unfamiliar, DaVinci resolve’s Fusion compositing uses a node-based workflow and while powerful, also comes with a fairly steep learning curve. The images below represent the work behind each shot.


All imagery shown on this page is property of Focusrite PLC.


CAD – Provided by Novation

Rendering & Animation – KeyShot 9

Post Production – Black Magic Design Resolve & Fusion

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