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IO Portable Audio Recorder

Last Updated: October 20, 2020 • 3 min read

IO Recorder

IO is a portable, modular audio recording device. Its compact footprint makes it highly portable and its modularity allows you to customize it to your specific recording needs. IO is a great companion for podcasters, solo musicians and content creators.


IO is like playing with Lego. In this case, each brick performs a specific task. By mixing and matching the specific bricks you need, you’re able to build your ideal recorder.


IO is made of modular bricks that are held in place by a powdercoated aluminum frame. Each brick is made of plastic housing that contains the internal electronics. The bricks are connected by standard USB C connectors.


IO is for creatives who want options. IO is perfect for computer and electronics enthusiasts who enjoy modifying their products to create the perfect experience. It’s like the Raspberry Pi of audio. Not only can you choose which bricks you need, each brick can easily be disassembled. Once inside, you’re able to make the changes or upgrades you want.

Mic Brick

The mic brick is equipped with two XY microphones to capture an accurate stereo image. The combo jacks also allow you to use external mics if needed. The mics also rotate 180 degrees to capture a wider or narrower soundscape. Control the gain of each audio channel with a separate rubberized gain knob. High quality microphone preamps allow you to capture audio in stunning detail.

Monitor Brick

The monitor brick is equipped with two tactile volume knobs and two combo jack ports. It allows for up to two people to listen to the signal coming into the microphones on each channel or both simultaneously. The combo jacks also allow you to send an audio signal out to an external device like a camera. Robust headphone preamps give you crystal clear monitoring.

CPU Brick

The CPU is the brain of IO. The CPU tells each brick what to do and how to do it. With on-board Bluetooth and WIFI, the IO smartphone app offers more options and a simple user interface to make capturing audio a snap. Capture audio in Mp3 or WAV format with almost zero latency. Different CPU bricks available with various feature options depending on your needs.

Battery Brick

The battery brick is a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery and powers IO with a runtime of up to 12 hours depending on the recording configuration and tasks. A USB C port allows for external power for continuous recording and monitoring.

XLR Brick

The XLR brick offers a convenient way to use external microphones that require an XLR audio cable. This also allows for capturing audio from a greater distance. Two XLR jacks allow you to record two mono channels or a single stereo channel. With two large gain knobs, you can control the incoming signal of each channel as needed.  



CAD – Fusion 360

Rendering – KeyShot 9

Post – Photoshop

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