KeyShot Training for Companies

Looking for KeyShot training for your team? Whether you manage a group, or work as part of a team of designers who use KeyShot, welcome!

Most organizations that use KeyShot tend to have one, maybe two power-users… if they’re lucky. This can become a bottleneck that leads to expensive, last-minute outsourcing of renderings or animations.

Thanks to KeyShot’s simple and friendly user-interface, most users are self-taught. Unfortunately, this leaves room for bad habits to form and plenty of unmet potential.

What if everyone on your team were power-users?

By empowering each team member to create consistently-great renderings, you usher in a new standard of quality and consistency. Say goodbye to bottlenecks and over-reliance on a single power user.

Industry Standard

Thanks to the shallower learning curve, KeyShot has become the go-to rendering tool for designers across all disciplines. From 2016 to 2019, I was the Global Training Specialist at Luxion, the makers of KeyShot. While there, I had the honor of training teams of designers at companies like Apple, Tesla, Dell, Electrolux, P&G, Nissan, Otter, Whirlpool and many other smaller design firms.

I’m still surprised to this day how many different industries have adopted KeyShot as a go-to rendering tool. In order to stay competitive, it never hurts to have a team of designers who know the industry-standard rendering tools inside and out.

Your Needs, Met

While KeyShot may be the common thread in a list of industries, each type of product comes with unique challenges. Whether it’s a car, a laptop, a coffee machine or a diamond ring, each pose unique challenges when it comes to creating top-notch renderings and animations.

Whether it’s the CAD tools your company uses, the materials on your products or the kind of images you need to produce, no two teams are the same.

My bespoke KeyShot Training Accelerator program is tailored to your team’s specific needs.

Unique Challenges

Depending on the industry you’re in and the structure and experience of your team, your needs may vary from those of other teams. Here are some of the most common questions I’ve received about using KeyShot in a collaborative environment.

Regardless of your specific KeyShot training needs, I’ll be able to help identify technical solutions and craft a plan to help implement growth within your organization.

Let’s get everyone on the same page and solve some of those sticking points!

Ongoing Support

Nobody likes getting stuck! With a busy work schedule, it can be tough to dedicate time each day to learning and skills growth. Sometimes, we need help finding a resource or a quick solution to a KeyShot problem.

In many cases, I’ve created tutorials or instructional guides to help get you unstuck. When that’s the case, I can quickly direct you to the solution.

But let’s say you run into an issue I’ve not shared a solution for. Members of my KeyShot Training Accelerator have a direct line of communication with me and receive priority support.

My Qualifications

I graduated from CCS in Detroit, Michigan in 2011 with a degree in Industrial Design, Product Design major. CCS often ranks among the top schools for Industrial Design.

I was first introduced to product visualization in college when I began using Hypershot. This software eventually became the KeyShot we all know and love today.

I’ve been fortunate enough to develop my rendering skills as the software has also developed into a multi-faceted product visualization platform.

At times I’ve offered my rendering and animation services to companies small and large, often creating e-commerce and product launch visuals.

From 2016-2019, I was the Global Training Specialist at Luxion, the makers of KeyShot. While there, I traveled domestically and internationally to teach teams of designers and engineers on how to use KeyShot. I enjoyed working with small teams of one or two designers all the way to teams of 25+.

Since 2019, I’ve been creating educational content and sharing it on my YouTube channel and on my website. Teaching is something I’m passionate about and I get excited when I can help someone unlock new skills.

While Fusion 360 and KeyShot are currently my most often-used tools, I have varying levels of experience in software like Phoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Solidworks and a familiarity of many others used in the product visualization process. One thing I try to do is help connect these dots and help clarify what tools can be used to reach specific goals.

Training Format & What’s Included

When your team enrolls in the KeyShot Training Accelerator, everyone gains access to the most comprehensive library of KeyShot training videos in the world.

This library consists of videos from my three masterclass courses along with a few bonus courses which adds up to a runtime of approximately 60 hours.

This is where I need to remind you, that Rome wasn’t built in a day. We can certainly make great progress quickly, but there is some time commitment needed to make sure the team has a solid foundation to build upon.

This will depend on your team members’ individual experience and goals, but typically, I recommend starting with an in-person orientation session. This allows me to get familiar with your team’s process, skill level, needs, goals and learning style.

I then return home and build a plan that fits your team like a glove.

While I’m creating your training program, I request everyone work through some of the Masterclass course lessons. I know it can be tough to find time, but this helps get everyone on the same page and gives us a common language for me to build upon.

After a determined number of weeks, I return to provide an in-person workshop. How many days this in-person training lasts will depend on the team size and syllabus.

After the workshop, I return home, but I don’t leave you high and dry. Your team will have priority access to my email inbox for a determined amount of time after the workshop.

Next Steps

Because this is a new program, I’ve just opened up a wait list. So if this sounds like a fit for your team, please reserve your spot in line and I’ll reach out to gather more details from you.

Get on the list:

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