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Launchkey MK3 Animation

Last Updated: July 7, 2020 • 2 min read

Client: Novation

Novation is one of Focusrite’s family of brands that develops and markets proprietary hardware and software products. Used by audio professionals and amateur musicians alike, its solutions facilitate the high-quality production of recorded and live sound.

Novation approached me with the opportunity to create an eye-catching product launch video for the Launchkey MK3.

Launchkey [MK3] - Introduction // Novation


The goal of the video I produced for Novation was two-fold. The video needed to communicate all the product features while engaging viewers. The video is often embedded on various retailers’ product pages and acts as a nice summary of the features and benefits to motivate the closing of a sale.   

Art Direction

The video was created with two parts in mind. The first part acts as a teaser to drive engagement and works as a standalone marketing piece for social media platforms. The second part provides viewers with an overview of features. Combined, the two parts provide a well-rounded product video that serves multiple purposes.


The use of 3D rendering software allowed for maximum flexibility when it came to creative direction. It also allowed us to make the materials appear realistic, while letting the products levitate in ways that wouldn’t be possible with traditional video.

Another benefit of using CGI to produce such a video is that the animation could be created even before final production models were completely available. This enabled the marketing team to be prepared with assets prior to the product launch, something that’s been a challenge for some industries due to COVID-19-related delays.


The team at Novation understands that being invested in the creative decision-making process only strengthens the result of their investment. It was a pleasure to work with a great group of organized and passionate professionals.


All imagery shown on this page is property of and published with permission granted by Focusrite PLC.


CAD – Provided by Novation

Music – Prime Time – Stoni

Rendering & Animation – KeyShot 9

Post Production – Black Magic Design Resolve

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