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Collision Detection and Simulation in KeyShot

Will Gibbons by Will Gibbons | Last Updated:   February 15, 2021

Remove this bottleneck in your workflow

Trying to get an oddly-shaped object to lay flat on the ground in KeyShot can be annoyingly tedious. take a pair of headphones for example. There’s no flat base to use to easily rest on the ground plane. And if you are trying to create a pile of objects, or scatter some parts in a convincing manner, forget it. That is until we were given collision detection in KeyShot’s 10.1

KeyShot’s Settle and Collision detection tools

I’m excited because today, Luxion has introduced two key features that will make scene setup way easier and faster. This is especially true when dealing with organic shapes and piles of scattered objects. The tools that will help with this are called Collision detection and Settle and they have been integrated into the re-worked move tool for KeyShot 10.1.

KeyShot 10.1 Collision Detection & Simulation?!

How the Collision detection tool works

How the settle tool works

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