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Perfect Reusable KeyShot Light Studio

Will Gibbons by Will Gibbons | Last Updated:   September 21, 2020

Are you wasting time in KeyShot?

Chances are, if you’re not using studios, you’re wasting time. If you’ve ever had to produce a collection of images with different backgrounds, models, cameras, CMF or lighting, you know how repetitive this can get. And don’t even get me started on how much room for user error there is when you need to remember what to turn on and off each time before sending a job to the render queue.

Let’s fix this!

Good news, this is why the Studios feature exists. KeyShot’s studio feature allows you to mix and match different materials, lighting, models and more. Rather than having to change your settings for each rendering, studios allows you to set up all the different materials, and lighting scenarios and then assign them to a unique studio. A studio remembers what materials should be shown with what lighting and what camera angles.

The Perfect Reusable Light Studio in KeyShot?

How studios work

  1. Create all the unique model sets, cameras, multi-materials, environments and image styles that your final studios will need (these are your attributes)
  2. Create a studio for each unique image you will need to create
  3. Use the drop-down accordion menu to assign your attributes to each studio
  4. Send the studios to the render queue
  5. Process the render queue (grab a sandwich, drink, take a walk, whatever)

What you’ll learn in this tutorial

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